What Our Clients Have To Say

We want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our Yankee hearts for building us our dream house...It is absolutely everything we'd ever wished for in a family home...."Thank you" just doesn't cover it.
After spending 20 years overseas living in other people's houses and hotels, we finally wanted to have a place to call our own.  After touring houses up and down the southeast, we found Shoreline at Palmetto Bluff and that was it.  We chose to live wherever Shoreline built.  
You did not disappoint when it came to our home.  The attention to detail, high quality construction and finishes and the overall feel of the house is beyond our expectations.  The entire team is professional, helpful and dedicated to fulfilling your client's dreams....even the wacky ones.
From the start, Chris gave us great advice on how to build on our land, position the house, increase the space upstairs and assured us that he, as the owner of the firm, was available and committed to our project.  So reassuring to us.
Steve shared his experience with our particular model and had a big impact on decisions made throughout the build, such as widening our front entryway ( which we love) and guiding us with many of our choices. Steve was accessible and helpful for every bump in the road, which is inevitable when you're building a custom home.  He has good instincts and insights and, importantly, a terrific sense of humor which set us totally at ease.
Molly seemed to know our taste from our first meeting and was instrumental in giving us the look and feel we were seeking.  She has exquisite taste and knew how to feed my "shiplap," addiction, advising us where it made sense to use other materials.  (She really tried to keep us under budget....Really. But we don't regret one plumbing fixture or piece of hardware over our allowance.  At our age, you just go for it!). Molly ran all over town with us to visit suppliers and make selections, providing us with top-notch choices.  Her advice and design input has resulted in a home worthy of a Southern Living cover! 
Bryan was a joy to work with...He really guided us on what to plant, where to plant it...and he actually gave us the " English garden," design we'd hoped for.  He was incredibly creative and flexible and helpful in redesigning our backyard with a gorgeous pond and walkway as the sands literally shifted beneath our collective feet!  We love the look.
Matthew O'Shaughnessy is someone we have decided to adopt....We know he now has to build other people's houses, but we will miss him and hope we don 't have to invent problems to see him again!  Matt was there for us 100 percent.  He gave us honest input and direction every step of the way.  Responsive, helpful, swift to address issues and simply a top-notch manager, respected by those he supervised.   Shoreline is well-represented by this fine, young man.
We truly cannot wait to share this home with our family and friends and hope that you know, we consider you all part of our family now, too.  When you signed the frame of our home, you became part of its history.  We have grown very fond of you all and wish you continued success in your lives and careers.  
Please feel free to call upon us, anytime, to share our recommendation or show our beautiful home to any prospective clients or media.  We love our Shoreline home.  Thanks so much for the beautiful painting, too!  It will have a place of high visibility in our new home."
Warm regards,
- Chuck and Mary

Great overall experience… Staff was friendly, effective, and very helpful at all times throughout the process.  They make the process easy and the outcome was a great value. 

-Dan and Lorraine Sheehy

Because I am in Canada, a number of details had to be done by email.  It was a real pleasure working with Gerri and the staff at Shoreline – they were great!  I have no regrets leaving them to finalize everything when I could not be there.

-Jill Anderson

Gerri and Connor are assets to your company and have been both responsive and good to work with.

-Matt and Lisa Kling

We feel that we made lifelong friends while accomplishing our goal of building a comfortable home and hope that you, too, are proud of the final result.  We appreciate each and every one of you and your dedication to our mission.  Thank you for a job well done.  We hope to see a lot of you in the coming years.  Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!!!

-John and Dianne Etters

You can't go wrong if you select Shoreline Construction to build your home.  Our home was built on time and within budget.  With Shoreline, you will not have any hidden costs.  They have decorators on staff who help you make your selections and decor choices.  We really appreciated this service.  I don't know how we would have made all of the choices without Molly's help.  We did not live in the area during the build, but found the process to be fun and exciting.  We looked forward to our trips south to make selections and to see firsthand the progress being made on our home.  When we first saw our completed home, we where delighted.  It exceeded all of our expectations.  In the two-and-a-half years we have lived here, we’ve had very few problems.  The Shoreline team has always been very responsive when we’ve called to have items repaired or checked.  We found that many items that are options with other builders are standard features for Shoreline homes.

- Robert and Jennifer Parker

As absentee homeowners, it was essential that we had full confidence that the contractor would fulfill their promises without our presence to check on them.  After meeting Chris Dalzell, talking with him, and listening to his philosophy on building homes and the business organization he had working with him, we felt very confident that if we could agree on the design and price, then he was our contractor.  Fortunately, he had a model that we loved and the price was agreeable and the rest was history.  One important aspect that was paramount in selecting Chris was the manner in which he approached the process as a win-win.  He presented a contract that was very easy to read and understand and everything was properly spelled out.  He had no problem answering our questions.  He was a pleasure to work with throughout the project.  Also, Molly Barr, our interior designer, was just icing on the cake through our experience.  She was very professional and very easy to work with in all areas.  She’s a true professional who wants the experience to be a pleasure and not a burden.  She was always on time for appointments and prepared for each meeting we had.  We had two superintendents with Steve and Bob because of illness during the process.  They both stepped up when needed.  I can't express enough how truly happy we are with the building experience and I credit that to Chris and his Shoreline staff.

- Rick and Becky Harris

Debbie and I cannot possibly express how great it was to work with all the professionals at Shoreline.  Chris has put together a highly qualified group of professionals who are all about client satisfaction.  We had high expectations and the Shoreline personnel exceeded every one of those expectations.  We would recommend Shoreline to anyone who wants a high quality product built by true craftsmen.

- John and Debbie Geppi