Open Floor Plan VS. Not

A Case For Both Sides

 A recent article in one of our favorite publications, since we did build the Southern Living Dream Home, got us thinking. Is it really time for a resurgence of the wall? We know they come in handy when defining bedrooms, baths, studys and such, but could it be making a come back in separating dining, living and kitchens as well?! 

We decided to take a look into it and make a case for both sides.

Open Floor Plans 

Open Floor Plans…… we’ve got plenty of them! Almost every home we have built in the past 5-7 years is a completely open floor plan. With basically one large room that houses the kitchen, living, dining spaces with maybe a wall or two around a study or play area. The spaces are defined with furniture, trim, paint or lighting. This allows for free flow and inclusion of everyone no matter what they are engaged in, whether working, watching TV, reading, eating or cooking, everyone can interact. Most love this ability to be involved with conversations or watch TV themselves while cooking and serving meals. It also helps many people feel open and welcomed in spaces that don’t have walls and one can see through to the yard or just into most rooms. Parents also find it ideal so they can keep watchful eyes on little ones as they carry on about their adulting. No wonder this trend has been sticking around for years, feeling invited and included is important to guest and family alike.


get_asset 2.jpg
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Feeling invited and included is important to guest and family alike.


Not So Open Floor Plans

Not So Open Floor Plans… According to our friends at Southern Living, in this article

The thought was that an open and informal plan would create a sense of ease, but people are realizing that it also means everything has to be organized or else the house can quickly feel cluttered. Closed-off rooms allow people to cut down on some of that visual noise. It may sound counterintuitive, but people are returning to separated spaces as a way of simplifying how they live on a daily basis.
— Andrew Cogar

Which truly does make so much sense. Sometimes you just want to be able to close a door, whether to not see a mess or to block out sound from a TV of kiddos you don’t necessarily want to hear. We recently had a client who loved to cook, a chef’s kitchen was one of her most important features and one she wanted to put a large amount of their budget into. She also loved to listen to music and concentrate while she prepared meals as it was her “me time” and she enjoyed this process so much she wanted to savor it. But her husband loved sports and TV was important to him and a fully open floor plan would’ve been detrimental to this relationship as they both would be unhappy to not be able to fully enjoy what made each of them happy.

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Walls can be good and there are lots of ways in which to use them creatively as to not make the space feel confined and closed in and not welcoming.


We are here to help! That’s why our new design phase process takes you through your WHY and helps navigate and produce a plan that makes everyone overjoyed with their dream home! We absolutely LOVE walking our clients through this phase and coming up with solutions in design that will work for the whole family! 


What are your thoughts? Open or Not SO Open?! That is the question!

Tis the Season!

As we near the holidays, we take a few moments to reflect back and look forward. We wouldn’t be able to do that without mentioning our wonderful team. 

In 2018, we added 3 new faces that have become an important part of our family. 


Andy Fera- Superintendent


Jessica Lindler- Design


John Ussery- Development


We also built and were a part of the 2018 HGTV Smart Home, welcomed 22 families to their gorgeous new homes, made new friends, helped make business dreams come true and so much more! 

Together we all truly work hard to be the best we can be both personally and professionally. Along with our specific jobs, we participate in book clubs, team meetings, retreats and are genuine friends and enjoy each other even outside of the office. 


Each of us love to see our homes and commercial spaces completed with happy clients and gorgeous detail to show off to all. 

Our process has been refined tremendously over 2018 and we are so excited to see where 2019 takes us. With this team, our new found “WHYS” and an enthusiasm that can be felt by all whom we encounter, there is no telling what is in store for us over the next year! 

Of course, we wouldn’t be anywhere without Y.O.U.

Our supporters, cheerleaders, friends, family, clients and followers truly make us who we are and are the reason we strive each day to deliver an experience and product above all expectations. We want to create raving fans and are going to be working hard to make each person we meet one of them! 

Be on the look out on our blog, for some super exciting things coming your way soon! We promise, 2019 will be the best yet! 

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Top 5 Home Tech Gadget Gifts 2018

Homes are important to us here at Shoreline, so you’ve moved in or are about to? What now do you get for your special someone who is obsessed with tech and gadgets? We are coming to your rescue with 5 ideas for the latest and greatest tech gifts for your new home! 



1) Amazon Echo Dot third-gen

Amazon's latest Echo Dot still costs $50, but it has an improved design and sound. This third-generation model can also work as a stereo pair, so snag two Dots and use them together for even better audio. The new Echo Dot comes in black and medium and light gray finishes, which look good, but you don't get the same range of color options as the Google Home Mini's charcoal, aqua, chalk and coral finishes. This affordable device is still a great entry-point into voice control and smart speakers.



2) Belkin WeMo Mini WiFi Smart Plug

Belkin's WeMo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are priced well at $25 a pop. It also has a smaller design than other smart plugs that won't block other outlets. It connects over Wi-Fi and it's compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Siri, Google Assistant and IFTTT. The one thing it can't do that other smart plugs can is track the energy consumption at the outlet -- if you want that in a Belkin product, you'll need to spend $50 for a WeMo Insight Switch.

3) Google Home Hub

Google's Home Hub is a $149 smart display. It has a smaller screen than competitors like the $230 Amazon Echo Show, the $250 Lenovo Smart Display and the $200 JBL Link View. It also doesn't have a built-in camera. Instead, it's equipped with an ambient light sensor that auto-adjusts the screen's brightness and warmth to suit the room. The Home Hub is a great option if you want a more affordable display without a camera.


4) Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit

The $70 Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit is a solid choice if you want basic smart LEDs that don't change color. They work with Amazon's Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT and the Nest Learning Thermostat. For your 70 bucks, you get two white light LEDs and a Philips Hue ZigBee hub. You can turn them on and off, dim them and more from the app -- or use voice commands. Philips is a staple in smart lighting and this entry-level kit is a decent place to start.


5) Wyze Cam Pan

This Wyze camera costs just $30. That's a ridiculously low price considering it has 1080p HD live streaming, free 14-day cloud storage and optional local storage. It works with Alexa and IFTTT and has motion detection zones, too. The Wyze Cam Pan can also listen for smoke and CO alarms and send you related alerts. You can't do much better than this camera if you're looking for a super affordable smart indoor security camera with a lot of features typically reserved for more expensive models.

All these options are sure to please that tech addict and elevate your homes smart level!