Wood is wood, right?

Here at Shoreline we pride ourselves on using some of the best material on the market. Where that shows the most is on the largest surface in a home….. the floor.

One of our staples is 150 reclaimed barnwoods. These gorgeous things come from weathered barns and homes from all over the country and are absolutely gorgeous! Can you even imagine what these things have been through? Being hand sewn, served as a home for pioneers, been through wars and fires. It is amazing that these can now be a part of your history! 

They vary in width, color, species and of course cost. The most popular is mixed species. Which is when they use multiple types of woods in differing lengths, widths and colors to make the floors feel much more vintage, reclaimed and raw. But you can get just pine, oak or etc in the same measurements and color to provide a much more understated and simple look. This type of flooring can be very expensive as you can imagine the work it takes to acquire the wood, ship it, prep it and install it can be quite intense. They will run somewhere in the ball park of $12-$15 a sq ft. They will also require some upkeep on the layers of polyurethane but totally worth it!


reclaimed and raw

Another trend making its way into designer homes daily is the gorgeous white oak. Its lighter in color, much more smooth and uniform. It provides a more subdued back drop to be able to decorate in other places such as color cabinetry, walls or décor.


Then there is always the engineered products. This can be real wood planks that are made just for flooring all the way to the laminate products that click lock. These options have gotten better over the years and is now a gorgeous option that comes in just about any color, texture and size known to man. It doesn’t require a polyurethane layer or much upkeep which makes this a very popular choice! This is a very price friendly option and can still create that look you want without breaking the bank. 

And to widen the options even more, another product has stormed the market…wood tile! This is porcelain tiles that are made to look exactly like different wood species. This is used on floors, backsplashes and showers. This is the most durable option by far without sacrificing the look of wood that is so popular.

With more and more options to choose from when selecting your flooring material, it can truly get very overwhelming! Just stick to your over all vision and you cant go wrong!