Why The Lowcountry??!!

On almost every one of my social media feed, I constantly see the #lovewhereyoulive. Granted, my friends are from all over the world, so that takes a totally different meaning with each picture posted. But, it makes me think about where we live and why we #lovewherewelive. 


It’s quite easy to see, really, as we live in an amazingly gorgeous part of our great state and our great country as well. The natural habitat is breathtaking with our water views, specimen trees, pleasant weather (most of the time), parks, wildlife and even man made beauty in architecture, golf courses and in our homes. But I think what makes me #lovewhereilive the absolute most is the people I come across daily. We have in our community some of the most caring, kind, outgoing, loving, interesting and wonderful people in the whole world (my opinion). Bluffton is a melting pot of the young and old, rich and poor, local and transplants which all come together to make this place we call home amazing. Our team is proud to be building amazing homes for new and old residents and we welcome each one as family and neighbors in our little slice of paradise. We have chosen to be invested in this community by raising our children here, helping our charities that in turn help those around us, locally.


 So if you have ever been lucky enough to visit our Bluffton, you know what I am talking about! If not, we invite you to come see us! You will never feel more welcome and you will fall in love! Guaranteed!