Why Metal Roofs

Here at Shoreline we believe in providing the best options for our family of clients. 

One of those features we love is the metal roof! Why you ask? Is it beautiful…. YES! But even more important than that, they are timeless, self sustaining, provide extreme longevity and so much more. 

The metal roof is much more than galvanized steel of generations past that rusts, although some of us think that is gorgeous! They now come in an almost unlimited selection of colors and materials to match the unique personality of your home. 

There is a website https://www.metalroofing.com that does a great job in explaning all the options and features. 

Did you know you have more options than vertical standing seam?


There are now options that look like tile:


Or shakes:


Or even your standard shingle look:


Have I mentioned the huge energy cost savings and efficiency? The metal surface actually reflects the sun and can save 25% on energy costs compared to the standard shingle! Over time that will take care of the initial investment difference. 

Metal roofs are also made out of recycled materials typically and also can be reused after removal or demolition of the dwelling from which they came. 

This allows them to be officially labeled as a “green” building material which is super important to some of our clients. 

See below our Southern Living Dream house in which we used metal roofing. Isn’t she a beauty?!