Why Designers?

The unique part of our business that sets us a part from all the other lowcountry builders is that we have 4 on staff designers that are assigned to each and every client to help walk them through decisions from day

1. Design isn’t just paint colors and furniture, in building its everything from light switch placement to trim details to stain colors to roof materials and much more. All of these tiny things that go into making your home exactly what you had dreamed have to be chosen in the process and we make sure to walk you through step by step so that it is a fun and enjoyable experience! We know it can be very overwhelming, especially for those that have a hard time visualizing the end result. Our designers go with our clients to vendor appointments, communicate at every step, walk the property, monitor progress and work with our site superintendents to finish the home on budget, on time and avoiding as many headaches as possible along the way. 

Whether you are using our plans or we are designing your dream home from scratch, we make this process as easy and fun as possible. That’s why we are a true Design-Build firm. 


Reach out today to talk to us about how we are different in a sea of sameness.