Kids are ready, how about MOM?

EEEKKKK!!!!! It’s almost that time again?! SCHOOL is upon us!

How did this happen, you ask? It seems like we were JUST doing end of year parties and getting used to this no lunch packing thing! And now we are gearing up for another 200 or more days of that junk! 

So, you’ve done all your supply shopping, gotten all those huge lists of markers and paper, those new khaki pants and little monogrammed backpacks (that’s a thing #AMIRIGHT??) But what about mom and dad? How will you get through this new season? 


Well I am going to try and impart some wisdom from the perspective of your home! 

The home is the hub, its where you pack those lunches, feed those not awake yet little faces their breakfast, do homework, required reading, that obligatory volcano experiment that signifies journeying into middle school-dom. How can your home help make these amazingly difficult tasks easier for you? 


A few ideas:


built ins, lockers…whatever you want to call them and however you want to design them, these simple additions to your owner entry area are a lifesaver! They create a unique space for little Johnny or Janie’s crap….oops, I meant all important specialty school learning tools. They can be designed to fit your lifestyle but they can have hooks for book bags, jackets, purses, sports bags and have shelving for shoes, umbrellas, notebooks and so much more. And on top of that you can add baskets upon baskets for all the other little preciousness that your little ones can haul home from school or outside ( I mean my child cant be the ONLY one who thinks collecting a million and a half rocks from everywhere she goes is the bestest thing in the world? WHERE are these supposed to go?????) These mud areas can be appealing and go with the look and feel of your home, whether they are wood or metal, industrial or lowcountry. We try and incorporate on of these into all our new builds and it ends up being our clients favorite feature!


Refrigerator Organization

I know, I know… eye rolls. But it really is easy. No matter what kind of fridge you have. All it takes is some clear containers and a few minutes. Group the food from the store into pre put together lunches in gallon size bags. SO on that crazy rushed morning all you have to do is open the door, grab a bag and put it in the lunchbox. It does take a little prep, but its worth it! If you’re building new or time for an appliance overhaul you should consider one of the new Hub refrigerators with the wifi and control center on the front. It keeps a constant shopping list and can tell you when your milk expires, I mean…SAY WHAAAAA??? You can also keep a family calendar and it will alert you when you’re late for those piano lessons (although who wants to be reminded of that?? #momfail #alwayslate #sorrymisspianolady) But wouldn’t this change ya life?!! 



she shed, lady lounge….whatever you want to call it, you should have some place in your home that you go to relax, smile, read or do whatever makes you happy. No matter the size or the focus. It can be a closet with a stool or lounger you can sit on and look at your massive shoe collection or an exercise room to burn off some steam. What about a reading nook or library? A garden shed in the back yard, a pool or hot tub to jump in after a long day or just a really luxurious bath room with a soaker tub? Its important for you to have someplace you enjoy to retreat to in order to set things right again, to regain a little patience, to enjoy a smile and some wine so you can re-charge and be the best you can be for your babies! 


Hope these few tips help you just a little be more prepared for this next school year! As hard as it is to get in gear, these are years to cherish and enjoy for there won’t be many!