To Farmhouse or not to Farmhouse, that is the question…………

We are hot in the middle of the days of all things farmhouse, rustic, antique, vintage, shiplap and any other adjective to describe the style from a certain popular TV show. In the center of that trend, we have the aptly named Farmhouse sink. Gorgeous for sure, these sinks are both useful and hearty. They give off a classic feel that will probably never go out of style and most still agree that they are worth the upgrade costs. But we want to open the playing field up to some other options.



Faithful ole stainless steel.

This tried and true option is creeping back into style as the trends turn slightly more modern, sleek and subtle. The steel sink will be super durable, is inexpensive and is coming in more shapes, sizes and options than ever before. Some of those options come in handy during everyday cooking and living. They now are available with slide able accessories, such as a cutting board, drying rack, strainer and more!


looking for something a little different?

If you are looking for something a little different than either of these options, don’t you worry, there are plenty of amazing designs, materials and sizes to choose from! There is everything from brass to copper to wood to glass and more! If you can imagine it, they can make it!


If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry! Our in house interior design team, walk you through every decision to be made, even sinks!


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