5 Tips and Tricks for the Holidays!

Welcome to that time of year…… SO wonderful but can be oh so stressful to get your home ready for those gift exchanges, dinners, parties, family and so much more! We are here to help! We have some wonderful ideas for decorating your home in gorgeous but so easy ways, your friends will be asking you how you did it!!


1) Use Holiday Cards as décor! Attach cards to a shelf, on string with laundry pins, to ladders or even in a tobacco basket to fill your kitchen, entry or living areas with cheer from those you love the most! They are already colorful and so festive! No need to add anything else!



2) Use your scarves, blankets or kaftans as table cloths.

I am sure you have some plaid scarves laying around in your closet! Get them out and use them! In a brand new way! Put them on your table! Add some greenery, candles or fruit for a super awesome centerpiece to your celebration!


3) For easy tree install and take down put your tree in a flower pot! It looks amazing, you don’t need a tree skirt and its so much easier than a screw in tree holder.


4) Use inexpensive materials as décor.

Go to your nearest big box store and grab a tomato plant stand, tie some ribbon on and put on some ornaments or lights for a great decoration for inside or out!


5) Use fruit as décor!

Apples are a gorgeous, cheap and easy way to add to your home décor. They bring in festive colors and its something your guests can grab if they need a snack! Put them in a bowl or in greenery, on the mantle or coffee table! Use everywhere and will be sure to last from now until New Years!

Hope these few little tips and tricks help you to finish preparing for this busy season! We hope its filled with many blessings and wish you the best in the Holidays from our family to Yours!