The Studio… Our new home for all things Design


We are so excited to announce the opening of our new Design Studio in Old Town Bluffton.

It is where our design team will call home, where our client meetings and cocktail parties will happen and where we can show off the latest and greatest in design trends. 

Our amazing vendors and trades show off their skills in this small space by featuring the latest and greatest in trim details, tile, reclaimed wood, colors and lighting. We’ve also worked very hard to make this space inviting and comfortable for all our friends to feel welcome to stop by and have some of our Shoreline Blend espresso coffee and snacks. Or watch out for our monthly happy hours which will be starting very soon! 

Design is one of the most important pieces to the Shoreline puzzle and one that makes us very unique in the lowcountry building industry. We think it is more than important to have designers on staff and assigned to every client in order to make the process smooth, stress free and to get the end dream home the client envisioned. As Chris says, we are a design firm that happens to build amazing houses. 

Lobb web-8.jpg

Please feel free to stop by and say hello! The address of our new studio is 212 Bluffton Road. We would love to say hi and show you around this amazing place. You truly won’t believe the detail and décor!