Spring Landscaping Tips

Finally!  Seasonally appropriate weather!  Happy Spring! Per the calendar, we have officially been in Spring for 2 weeks.  The last few years, we have several weeks of Spring like weather and then jump directly in to summer with almost little to no warning.  Such as life in the Low Country.




Your grass should be greening up by now.  It is finally time to fertilize as well.

Get with your landscape professional to figure out what the best fertilizer program is for your yard.  Grubs and mole crickets are something we landscape professionals are keeping an eye out for.  We are all hoping the snow in early January killed off some of those pesky insects that can cause considerable damage to your sod.  As soil temperatures continue to climb, the threat of insect damage will too.  Treatable, not preventable.



Our plants are loving this weather.  All of our spring time bloomers have blessed us with their presence.

 The perennials are starting to bloom as well.  Soon the crepe myrtles will be blooming.  If you have any questions about why your plants aren’t blooming, give us a call. We will help you diagnose the issue.


Soon Summer will be here.  The kids will be out of school and the sand gnats will be long gone! Enjoy the last few weeks of Spring.  


Bryan Barrs

Manager – Coastal Division
Dalzell Design Landscaping