6 Tips to make your life a little easier.

Let’s get ready for the most hectic time of the year…

Can’t believe its that time again! Back to school in just a week! We help our clients find the meaning of home and for so many with children still at home, that can mean using every square inch in creative ways to maximize organization and make life easier!

We are here to help with a few tips and tricks to help simplify and organize your life in preparation!


1-Make a command center

Make a command center- Have a folder for each kiddos paperwork, a white board for notes and messages, drawers with extra supplies, bins for backpacks or shoes and anything else you need to keep at your fingertips for grab and go! Our team has done many custom organization/mudroom solutions to help with these problems!


2-Magnetic cups

Tired of washing 1000 cups after just one sip of water or juice? Glue magnets on a cup for each person so its easy to grab, fill, drink, rinse and return! Maybe not a school tip, but will def make your mornings easier! Hide on the side of the fridge if needed.

3- Outfit Organizer

who else hates to argument that is sure to ensue every morning about what to wear? We love using our trim team and their talents for custom closets! Its not only for the master, but how about 7 cubbies in the kids rooms for outfit selections for each day!! If you don’t have that option, how about use hanging shoe organizer or one of our custom closet set ups to pre pick and set out each outfit so its easy to grab and put on, without a fight! 


4-Lunchbox Station

keep lunch packing organized by creating a lunchbox station in a cabinet or drawer. Keep lunchboxes, thermos, baggies, plastic storage, plastic utensils and anything else need to pack a lunch in an easy to reach spot! Our cabinet systems are custom built, let us design one for all your lunch needs!

5-Sandwich Basket

Make it super easy for your kids to make their own lunch and sandwiches by using small plastic baskets with pre-placed items easy to grab. They can pack their lunchboxes with anything in these baskets. Grab and go!


6-Personalized Clock

Make an easy to read clock so each kid will know what they should be doing at each point in the day. For older ones, use an alarm clock and set it for 10 minute increments in the morning, from wake up at the first one, to eat breakfast by second, be dressed by third, on and on until the last is the one they should be loading in car or bus.