5 Tips to create a sanctuary at home

Sure everyone puts time and design into kitchens and baths, but when is the last time you put in major thought into the room you actually spend the most time in….. your bedroom. Here are some tips to make this room feel more like an at home oasis than just an afterthought in the design world.

1 Use calming colors:

By using colors that are calming and leaving the “accent” wall for another space, it draws you into to the room and gives you that sense of relief and relaxation rather than excitement and stress. We love using a mix of dark and light in this space that can both be used as calming.


2 Invest in amazing bedding:

There are so many companies out there now that specialize in amazing sheets. This seems so ridiculous to think about, but how much difference does a great set of sheets make? Huge! Just walking in and looking at a well made bed with high end sheets and bedding can make the difference between wanting to climb in and finding one more chore to complete. The colors should complement the décor around it and be easy to clean.



3 Shop around for the perfect mattress:

You can’t get away from all the commercials about the “perfect” mattress for you. Whether it comes in a box, delivered from a store or is one that you’ve had in the family, make sure it is perfect for you and your partner.


4 Make the closet a priority:

This is what brings the most stress in a master bedroom. If your closet is unorganized, messy and overflowing it makes for bad thoughts every time you walk in the room and think about all the work to fix it. Make the closet design one of the beginning conversations when thinking about building or renovating. It doesn’t seem that important but you will certainly be glad you did when you are unpacking those boxes and all your things have specific places to go!


5 Get both partners input on décor:

Design of this particular room should spark plenty of conversations from everyone involved. This is where both partners will go to relax, sleep and rejuvenate on a daily basis and it should incite feelings of calmness to both. There are always great ways to compromise with colors and décor. Such as going darker in the wall color or trim and lighter in furniture and bedding or even vice versa! There is always a way and here at Shoreline, our designers make sure each of these are discussed and your master bedroom is the retreat you had always dreamed of!


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