New Years Re-Solutions

Its that time of year!

 We just ushered in a New Year and everyone feels like they need to make some changes. Changes to themselves, changes to habits, changes in their professional lives, changes with their family and changes in the home. 

The term resolution actually comes from the idea of a re-solution or a change for the better to someone or something. Unfortunately, the statistics are not very encouraging, as only 8% of those who have a New Years Resolution actually keep it the whole year. 

Since the numbers are against us, we have come up with a few simple changes and tips for how you can come with with new solutions for your home! (Sorry, we don’t do miracle weight loss). 

DO you have a wall in your home that is prime open space and you cant seem to come up with something to do with it? How about a “mud wall”? All you need is some reclaimed wood or shiplap sheets you can paint, some hooks and a bench or cubbies!



Need more storage? Do you have stairs? How about adding shelving or drawers in the open space under your stairs?



This space is often wasted and closed up in framing and sheetrock, but if you can open it up and take advantage of its space, its not that hard. Use a stud finder to find the studs, mark them out on the wall, use a hammer or a sheetrock saw to cut back the sheetrock. Use 2x4’s to frame out the shelves, re sheetrock, paint and voila! Instant storage!

Sometimes more desperate situations call for desperate measures. DO you feel like your “stuff” is weighing you down and you just don’t know where to start to declutter? Experts say to start with the smallest room in the house, pull everything out and if you haven’t used it in the past year, its time to get rid of it. If the idea of this makes you sweat, perhaps its time to call in the professionals. There are several companies locally that will come help you reorganize, declutter, purge and redecorate. Sometimes, its just worth spending a few dollars to get free of the overwhelming pressure extra things around the home can add to your life! 

Sorry, there is no miracle suggestions here, unfortunately good things take work.


Happy New Year from our family to yours! Best wishes for an amazing 2018!!!