Look out 2019….The new design trends are in!

2018 was an awesome year in design. It gave us whites, quartz, succulents, mid century return, and much more! We love all of those things but watch out 2019, some new trends are a roaring in.

We start with one that’s actually good for us all…sustainable materials and design. This covers using material, methods and design that are recycled, using less energy and natural. Some of these include wood flooring (lighter colors are taking over in a big way), rice paper, clay, jute lamps and rugs, windows for light and warmth, handmade décor or lighting and as always using local material and labor! We hope these things are a trend and are here to stay!

jute lights.jpeg

In color news, 2019 is the year for more feminine tones for furnishings, walls and décor. Coral, blush, whites, light creams, dusty pinks and bronze are all the rage. Warmer colors and neutrals broken up with a dash of soft pink will instantly update a space. But on the flip side dark colors rule in spaces like bathrooms, studies and dining rooms. Black is back in a big way! From walls to plumbing to lighting to countertops and beyond.

Bold backsplashes in kitchens, baths and beyond are going to hit hard in 2019. Make a statement with pattern and color by choosing tiles with flare. It will bring some excitement to a neutral space and be a focal point for all who enjoy it.


Floral is back in a big way! Gone are the tribal and ikat patterns for rugs, wallpaper and fabrics. Back in is all things floral. In any color palette, pattern, abstract or even chintz this is THE pattern to use in 2019.


Another blast from the past that is making its huge return is Acrylic furniture. It can be useful in many ways and also not be bulky of take away from the space its in. This look can go with any theme as it can be both modern and retro.


Mixed metals is here to stay. This trend started making its way in 2018 and it is back for some time. Mixing chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, copper, gold, rose and black in one space is a definite GO. It is timeless and classic and doesn’t date the space by overloading with one single metal.


Hope this has helped point you in the right direction when choosing designs for your home or space. But don’t you worry, with Shoreline Construction we have the best design team in the business to help navigate trends and classic design to make your home perfect for YOU!