Kitchen design 101

We get asked all the time about trends in kitchens by our clients and others! The kitchen is truly the center of our homes and the most used room by our families. There is lots of thought put into this space by our designers and our clients alike. Once we have the size and layout of the space itself we can start to think through what to fill it with. Islands are one of the biggest trends in kitchens. They allow the room to be open to the rest of the house, while giving a little separation along with adding work space, a sitting area and more. You can also add sinks and other appliances into the island which takes those items off the perimeter where it can get crowded. Most clients are getting into differentiating the island by making it a contrasting color to the other cabinetry. It brings dimension, depth and fun into the space.


Open shelving! Its all the rage and is an awesome way to open up a small space and display fun dinnerware or keepsakes. Use it in niches, tight spaces or around windows for a great effect! Or if you really want to create open, light room try replacing your upper cabinetry with all open shelving! You can get them made out of many different materials such as wood, glass, metal, even cool industrial piping to bring in some rustic and yet modern tones.


Any visit to a local appliance showroom can be overwhelming but its so amazing to see what modern appliances they offer. Built in coffee makers to save those early morning trips to Starbucks, steamers to heat your food while keeping it moist, refrigerators that have TV’s and touch screens, microwave drawers and so much more! They also are now coming in more colors than ever so you can accessorize with your appliance package! A new trend coming from the home shows is matte black stainless. We are seeing it everywhere! It shows less prints, easy to clean and very modern, sleek and fresh!

We always invite you to come by any of our models and check out some of these trends in person! Our designers work hard to keep our clients up to date on the latest and greatest!