It’s Fall Y’all…. Kind of!

Tips for easy Fall Décor you can actually do yourself!

 SO its September! In the lowcountry where we have been dying of heat for months on end, this month is always a welcomed break in all things summer. Even though we still have massive heat eaves for another month or two, we can at least pretend its cooler by making our home feel cozy and festive.

Here are some tips for sprucing up your home for fall gatherings:

1) Pumpkins!

They are cheap and abundant this time of year! Paint them white and place them on your table, chests, front porch, chairs, kitchen and anywhere with a surface! This makes for a modern and clean way to bring in fall! If you are not into white, stamp them, sponge paint over leaves or even glue crayons to the top and use a hair dryer to melt them so they are rainbow! SO many choices, so little time!



2) The biggest asset in fall décor is……. Our fireplaces!



Come on, we all know that we don’t use them very often and they are more for decorating and hanging stockings than actually keeping us warm, but who doesn’t love a good fall mantle?! Use flowers, real or fake in various height vases with a DIY wreath in the middle to hold it together!


3) Wreaths

Also, you can DIY another wreath for the front door! Welcome in guests and family with a beautiful front porch! Gather mums, pumpkins, hay, large vases and planters and of course a wreath to tie it all in. There are so many DIY wreath sites out there. I love these few with fabric, green moss, letters, leaves, acorns and etc!

4) Tablescapes

Tablescapes are also important to not forget. Tie fake leaves with fishing line to create a display hanging from your lighting to avoid a large centerpiece you would have to move to have conversations! Use small pumpkins as a place marker by monogramming them with a paintbrush.


Enjoy this time of year, go grab a pumpkin spice latte, crank you’re a/c way down and pretend its actually fall weather! It will be here someday!