It’s a Grey Grey World….

ITS EVERYWHERE!!! Have you looked around any public or private building lately? What do you see? I bet, that list of colors includes grey? Am I right? 

The grey family has moved in and its here to stay. Grey is a color that can be used pretty much any where at anytime and has the ability to change with the look you are going for by just mixing up the furniture or accent colors. Everyone is obsessed and rightfully so. Grey has the unique ability to go with just about any décor in any style home and look good doing it. 

It is truly amazing that the same color grey can be used in two different spaces and look and feel completely opposite. It takes on a cool blue tone if used with light, bright accent pieces and can turn deeper and more rich with the use of darker more traditional furniture and colors. We use the grey family in most all of our designs and here are a few to gawk at. 


This is a blue/green based grey that was used in our Hawthorn Model in Palmetto Bluff.


This laurel model in Hampton Lake uses a lighter grey to brighten and modernize.

While this home uses a greige with more neutral/tan tones to soften and blend. 

See, there are in numerous ways to use the grey family to make your space unique and fit your overall look and feel of your home. Don’t be scared to go out there and try it. You cant go wrong!

Good luck there you grey lover, you!