Fireplaces…A Lowcountry Staple


its that time of year again, my personal favorite part of living here in the South. The autumn leaves turning and falling away, the cool evening breezes blowing across your yard, the sound of birds signaling the sun to take its dive into the sea and the best part is the crackling of wood as burns away into dust in your own personal soul warming fireplace. Whether outside or inside, these staples have made their way south and they are here to stay. Even though we are far from the times where fireplaces were a necessity to provide life sustaining warmth to a home, they still serve a great purpose in satisfying the innate need inside us to be warm both physically and emotionally.


They are both beautiful to the eye and the soul and oh so useful!

Outside firepits are the jewel of the landscape and offer amazing conversation area for gatherings or a night of relaxation. Not to mention amazingly useful for s’more making with your family!


We use many different materials to craft these works of art. The most popular of course if brick.



We love the Cherokee Oxford brick that has a great mix of whites, beige and the classic brick colors that gives a feel of new and old. Our brick masons are filled with knowledge on designs and patterns that range from classic to modern and eclectic. The next material option is tabby. This is definitely a lowcountry staple which is made from mortar and shells. 


Pop a rustic wood beam mantle on top and you have a stunning fireplace that will anchor your home in look and comfort.