Fall Holiday Décor- In a not so scary way!

Fall décor, you either love it or loathe it! Some think it’s a must and some think it’s a tacky waste of time, energy and money. But there is definitely a way to pull off this festive tradition without crossing the line into “ugh”. 


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins….. there is a good way, I promise.

There are much more to these veggies than the round, deep orange kind. Use imagination and create a beautiful table scape using smaller, flatter varieties in more muted tones such as white, light orange, green and gold either by finding them at your local store or painting them to match your interior décor. Make the décor work for you by forcing it with paint, ribbon or greenery to take on your look. 


There are so many blogs dedicated to such as this. Some include:


And also places where you can purchase centerpieces already put together such as this:


And certainly don’t stop at the table.

There are wonderful ideas all over the blog world on how to decorate the less obvious but still conspicuous areas such as your staircase. Inside or out! 



Don’t let this amazing season go by without getting a little festive.

And certainly don’t skip right on to the Christmas first! Slow down and enjoy this season of thankfulness, crisp weather, fire pits, chili, candy and fun times with friends and family.