Homes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and design themes and we have built all kinds. Each is beautiful in its own way and perfect for its owners who call it home. Our design build team work together with our clients through what we call the Discovery Phase of the project and one of the largest tasks the amazing architects we work with and our team work to get right is the front elevations. This is the part of the home most people see, even if they never make it inside. Your neighbors, passers by, friends and family all have to start at the front of the house to be welcomed in. It is a super important part of any plan and a lot of time is spent by all to make it perfect!


Whether it’s a two story or one, cottage or farmhouse, white or color, painted front door or stained, there are so many different options that make each home unique.


Front porches are welcoming and inviting. With columns, brick borders and lighting this space can welcome your guests with open arms and also allow for some personal flair.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 3.09.10 PM.png

The warmth of a front door can be the first clue into the design your guests will see throughout your home. Mahogany stained doors either single or French can create warmth against a light paint scheme while a painted door can bring a modern and sophisticated look to the outside. 


Any choice you make on the exterior of your home can be wonderful and our team can help make your vision of the perfect home come true!