Core Values

Here at Shoreline, we set ourselves apart from other builder and even businesses in our area by taking our Mission statement very seriously and we run everything we do through it, daily.


We exist to do the following “To empower great people to create timeless detail with unmatched quality, 100% client satisfaction and intentional relationships”


We have a great team that works so hard daily to strive for excellence in every home we touch. 


But have you also heard that we have 5 Core Values? 

We will explore these now and we are so proud to share them!


Fiscal Responsibility/No Debt 

We as a company and the owners themselves carry no debt, ever, to anyone. We believe debt in a company is not healthy and we love being able to be a fully free company and put all of our proceeds back into our people and our company. It only makes every branch of any business stronger when you aren’t tied to banks and creditors.

Intentional Relationships 

When we take on a client and a new home, it’s a huge decision, not only for the homeowner but for us. We consider each client past and present to be part of our family and it needs to be a great fit for everyone! Once you enter into our family, we are a part of each others lives and we take that seriously. We celebrate events, holidays, life changes and daily living with our clients and LOVE doing so. 


Quality Product

Shoreline exists to create homes of great quality, great detail and most importantly a home our clients love and live in. We take great pride in each and every home we build and love to show them off. We have the best in trades and vendors who also provide unmatched quality and warranties.

Schedule/Time Management 

Custom Homes are still one of the last remaining things in this modern world that is still built by hand. So this can create quite a predicament when trying to form a schedule and predict an actual timeline for a build, but we do a great job at it. We form a schedule from day 1 and our field managers meet weekly to plan up to 6 weeks ahead on each build. We never predict move in dates until we know for absolutely sure to avoid big mishaps in timing and moving expenses. We stand behind our schedules and are proud to avoid lots of stressful moments for our homeowners. 

Integrity/Doing what’s right

We pride ourselves on being a company with integrity at every point in the business. Our team does what’s right, every time, no matter the costs. We put our reputation and client trust above all things, always. That’s what sets us apart and above others in this business that has such a bad reputation of being shady and taking advantage of clients. That’s not us, ever. 

We love what we do and hope it shows. We can’t wait to start building your dream!