Backyard Love

Here in the Lowcountry backyard spaces are key. We are fortunate enough to spend a large amount of time outside enjoying our views, weather, green trees, firepits, pools, rivers, lakes and more.


The thought that goes into a backyard space is evident at any one of our homes. We love hearing our clients vision for their time spent inside and outside of their home. Are their kids involved, are they retired and just want to relax, how much yard work and planting would they enjoy, is water important, will there be lots of guests or entertaining? These are just a few questions we ask during our Discovery Phase to get to know our client and help to make the vision of how they want to use this space some to life.


Whether it is a pool that is the must or a fire pit or just simple plantings and green space for the dogs to run around. It is all important and we love seeing the end result and making our client happy.