Bluffton State of Mind

Everywhere you turn on social media, blogs, travel sites and online you can always see our sweet town being praised! It makes us so happy to see it get the recognition all of us locals know it deserves! 

From the Thursday Farmer’s Market to Fireworks over the May River to some of the best food you can get anywhere we really do live in a very special place! 


People from all over the country are starting to take notice and it depends on your opinion of growth as to how you feel about it. But when you live and get to enjoy a place this awesome, it is very hard to keep it secret. 

We have had the privilege of building homes for Southern Living, Coastal Home and HGTV and they all were so in love with our area that their crews and team just couldn’t stop talking about it! 

Take a peak at some of these articles and we hope you are as excited as we are to see our once sleepy little paradise being praised and loved! 

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2018 America’s Happiest Seaside Towns

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You'll Fall in Love

 With Bluffton, South Carolina

If you haven’t yet visited us, please do! We would love to show you around and even talk about how you could make this amazing place HOME!

Exciting News……….

It’s been an amazing and exciting past year here at Shoreline Construction! We have been growing our team, the business and ourselves. With all that growth, it was time to update our Mission, Vision and Values as an entire team and we had such an awesome time doing so!

As you may have seen on our social pages, we had a company retreat last month, where the sole purpose was to collectively shape a Mission and Values that are important to all of us and that we can all buy into 100% going forward. We all learned so much in a few short days about ourselves, our team, our company, our client and most importantly our "Whys". Why we each get up, every day and work hard. Being a part of such an amazing team, with a clear purpose, makes it easy for us to all to get behind our Mission and make it a part of our everyday.


Now we would love to introduce you to our new Mission:

“We discover the meaning of HOME.”

We believe, we don’t just build houses, we work hard to learn the "why" behind each of our clients’ investments into their new home. Its not all about the number of sq ft, bedrooms, baths and colors. It’s about why and how you plan to use this home that most have worked hard their entire lives to obtain. We understand the sacrifices made over a lifetime to get here. The balls games, recital and plays missed, the saying no to vacations, the time missed with family were all working to get to this day. We also work hard to get to know our clients on a personal level and ask questions like…. Who will be living there? Full time or part time? How will you host family dinners? Who will be visiting for Christmas? On November 7th, 2019, or any random day, do you see yourself on your porch eating dinner and relaxing or grabbing something on the way to your kids or grandkids soccer game?
Each person would answer these questions in a completely different way and that is what we want to discover about every single person we build a home for.
We also have updated our values as a company and team. These 4 principals are what we all use as a measuring stick up to each decision we make. Our whole team has bought in and all live these, day in and day out. If an opportunity arises and it doesn't flow through each of these values, it’s a simple no. 

  1. Fiscal Responsibility- Simply put, we have no debt, and will take on no debt. We will be good stewards of our money, our clients’ money and our subs/trades money.

  2. Intentional Relationships- We connect with people around the Shoreline purpose bringing mutual value.

  3. Live By Principal- We do the right thing, every time, no questions asked.

  4. Process Driven- Written and followed processes allow us to deliver an exceptional experience and consistent outcome.


 We are all passionate about what we do for a living and hope you feel that about us. The buzz is getting out and we would love for you to check us out! We want all to think of the adjectives different, unique and one of a kind when you think of Shoreline

Construction.Come see what we are about! 

Top 3 Design Trends of 2018


We have been busy over here with many requests for design info from the HGTV Smart Home 2018!

We love answering those questions and giving advice on what’s new and trendy in the design world. So here are our top 3 design trends of 2018……


Dark paint is BACK!

Whether you are talking about cabinets, bathrooms, studys or dining spaces, black is back! It is a modern, bold twist to shake up all that grey and white! Pair it with gold hardware and it can be warm, welcoming and comfy. We are in love with this trend and expect to see it roaring into the Lowcountry soon!


Vintage is still in!


Vintage is still raging in the design world and we don’t see it going away any time soon! Mixing new modern pieces with old vintage finds gives an eclectic look that goes well in any theme of décor. Whether its furniture, signage, bowls, pictures, dishes or rugs it all can be mixed into any room to give a much need depth to any design.


Bright colored furnishings.

This might sound confusing and contradictory to our first trend of dark colors, but its actually very complimentary. The last of our 3 trends to watch is bright colored furnishings. 

This trend is perfect to balance out all white or black walls to give your room some spunk and culture. You can use color in any type of look or design, such as tribal, coastal, modern, southwestern and much more! We see these accent colors popping out in every furniture showroom and design center around and LOVE how it can brighten and open up a whole space! 


Don’t feel intimidated to try to incorporate any of these trends into your current or new home! Build with us and our design team will help you through every selection!