Backyard Love

Here in the Lowcountry backyard spaces are key. We are fortunate enough to spend a large amount of time outside enjoying our views, weather, green trees, firepits, pools, rivers, lakes and more.


The thought that goes into a backyard space is evident at any one of our homes. We love hearing our clients vision for their time spent inside and outside of their home. Are their kids involved, are they retired and just want to relax, how much yard work and planting would they enjoy, is water important, will there be lots of guests or entertaining? These are just a few questions we ask during our Discovery Phase to get to know our client and help to make the vision of how they want to use this space some to life.


Whether it is a pool that is the must or a fire pit or just simple plantings and green space for the dogs to run around. It is all important and we love seeing the end result and making our client happy. 


Let's Get Organized

As we approach yet another new season of life as the days get shorter, the air a little crisper and for those who have littles- back to school.


With each new season there is a desire to prepare. In this season and in all its craziness with schedules, visitors, trips, events and just day to day living we could all use a little organization. 


Each of our homes are built with thought and care and go through a thorough discovery period where we find out all about our client and how they plan on using the home.

We talk through family dynamics, children, grandchildren, extended family and friends who visit and so much more. That way we can design each and every square foot to be as useful and gorgeous as possible. Function and style truly can collide if you make it a priority and goal.


In each of these instances we took a potentially bare wall and made custom built ins, benches, hooks, cubbies, closets, cabinetry and so much more.

Each provides a specific place and home for gadgets, papers, electronics, clothing, shoes, accessories and anything else you might not have a place for in your home. Therefore, it just gets put in that drawer or on the counter or just the floor. Having spaces for things to live helps us to live much less chaotic lives.

Enjoy these ideas and get inspiration on building your dream organization station or letting us design one for you. 

Behind The Design-Episode 5

Welcome to our new webisode series "Behind the Design" which takes you deeper into the thought process behind some of our favorite projects from the point of view of our design team who worked on them. From commercial spaces to different homes, all with distinct looks and layouts, we can not wait to show off these amazing features.

Be on the look out for more Behind the Design episodes, coming soon!


Vinson Road Residence – Pool, Outdoor Living Area & Custom Garage Doors

An exterior pool area that rivals any resort. Complete with tabby fireplace, four car garage, custom concrete tiles with grass inlay and so much more. A real Lowcountry retreat.


If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out other episodes in our Behind The Design series. These episodes include our new design studio, a lowcountry modern home, a traditionally rustic home and much more. All are completely different in look, feel and design and give you an array of ideas, examples and overall aesthetic.