Spring Landscaping Tips

Finally!  Seasonally appropriate weather!  Happy Spring! Per the calendar, we have officially been in Spring for 2 weeks.  The last few years, we have several weeks of Spring like weather and then jump directly in to summer with almost little to no warning.  Such as life in the Low Country.




Your grass should be greening up by now.  It is finally time to fertilize as well.

Get with your landscape professional to figure out what the best fertilizer program is for your yard.  Grubs and mole crickets are something we landscape professionals are keeping an eye out for.  We are all hoping the snow in early January killed off some of those pesky insects that can cause considerable damage to your sod.  As soil temperatures continue to climb, the threat of insect damage will too.  Treatable, not preventable.



Our plants are loving this weather.  All of our spring time bloomers have blessed us with their presence.

 The perennials are starting to bloom as well.  Soon the crepe myrtles will be blooming.  If you have any questions about why your plants aren’t blooming, give us a call. We will help you diagnose the issue.


Soon Summer will be here.  The kids will be out of school and the sand gnats will be long gone! Enjoy the last few weeks of Spring.  


Bryan Barrs

Manager – Coastal Division
Dalzell Design Landscaping

Our Team and the HGTV Smart Home

What an amazing night we had last Wednesday! We finally got to watch the final version on TV of a project that we had been secretly working on for the past year. Though very different from our normal projects both in style and process, what a wonderful build to be a part of! We are humbled by all the support, love, good jobs and atta boys we have gotten over this past month since it has been live. Unfortunately, it is a closed set and no one is allowed to tour it or visit so the closest we get to share is pictures and the episodes. 

We were thrilled to see so many of our hard-working trades on TV as well as our own Michael Fowler, who was on for almost a full 2 minutes! Thank you to these awesome partners: RES Electric, Coast Plumbing, Centerpoint Cabinetry, Premier Exteriors, Howe Roofing, Rodriguez Foundations, Julio the trim genius and crew and so many more who helped us reach tight deadlines while putting out untouchable quality! 

Sometimes, when you are deep in the middle of projects, its easy to get jaded and tired of the filming schedules but when you realize at the end what an amazing opportunity this was for us and our vendors and trades, we are humbled to have been chosen. 

Even more fun than the project was getting to share in the revealing of the episode with our team, families, friends, clients, and supporters! What an evening! Our whole team is lucky to have such amazing love from those around us, but each of us is lucky to call this team our work family! We work so hard to make this company a success but we do it because we love it! 

Thank you to all who read this blog, share our posts, review our pages, chose us to build your dream home and say great things to your neighbors because, without you, there is no us! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing the episode as much as we did! Go to enter the sweepstakes, who knows, YOU may call it home one day!!!


Sweet Celebrations!!

We love any excuse to have fun here at Shoreline! We are amazing at what we do, but who says work cant be fun?!

With our new Client First mantra, we involve our clients now too! One of our favorite events that we do for each and every client, is our closing celebration. It’s a super fun way to welcome them to their new home. For most, they haven’t seen it in several months and the end product is a complete surprise! 

We literally roll out the red carpet, cut a red ribbon, champagne toasts and break bread with these families as we welcome them home. Our team comes, we invite key trades and vendors and we just have a fun time introducing the home! 

Another fun client event we do for all of our homeowners is provide the first meal in their new home, even before its complete. We require everyone to come and do an electrical walk before drywall, at this time, we set up a table in their dining space with flowers, décor and much more and always bring food and drink!

lowcountry, the great outdoors is very important to us! We can be outside taking advantage of our porch space most of the year and if you have a screened in area, the whole year! We love building beautiful, unique, usable outdoor spaces that our customers can really use and love. That can be in the form of a front or back porch, BBQ pit, fireplaces, fire pits, brick patios, tabby pavers, cupolas, docks, decks and so so so much more! We are going to explore some of our all time favorite outdoor spaces to hopefully give a little taste of our lovely homes and the Lowcountry! Feel free to save your favs!